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Mozilla Thunderbird at UVM

Using Thunderbird at UVM

What it is:

Thunderbird is the most stable and feature-rich free email and news reader client currently available to the public.  It is built on the code base of the venerable Netscape and Mozilla email clients, but has been refined and improved.  Thunderbird is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems, and is the de-facto standard for email clients at UVM.

Who needs it:

Anyone looking for a faster and more robust alternative to Webmail.  Anyone experiencing problems with an older or unsupported email client.

Who does not need it:

  • People who are happy with Webmail
  • People who are not experiencing problems with their current email client (i.e. Apple Mail or Windows Mail)
  • People who have unsupported operating systems (Windows 95 and Mac OS earlier than 10.1) CANNOT use Mozilla

How to get it:

A Thunderbird installer which has been customized for use at UVM can be downloaded from the UVM Software Archive.  The software archive contains links to this and other ETS-recommended and supported software packages, as information on hardware and operating system requirements.

Where to get Help:

Additional information can be found at the Mozilla Support site.  Here you will find FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), documentation, release notes, and news about products.

Failing all else, you can contact the ETS Helpline.

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