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Some notes on other legacy/unsupported email clients at UVM:

The tech gurus at ETS have been running campus-wide email servers since the dawn of the Internet in the mid 90's. Unsurprisingly, we have gone though a number of supported email clients in the last 10+ years. Here are a few clients that may still work, but will not receive the same level of support as our currently recommended products:

  • Microsoft Outlook
    Outlook functions best as a client for Microsoft Exchange server, but it also can be used as a general purpose IMAP mail client. Geoff Duke documents the use of Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2003 with UVM mail services in his blog.
  • Eudora:
    Once the premier POP mail client on the Internet... now in a development limbo.
  • Pine
    A powerful character-mode mail client that can be run on the "Zoo" command line.
  • Windows Mail / Outlook Express
    Outlook Express is the default email client on all versions of Windows prior to Vista. With Vista, Outlook Express was replaced by "Windows Mail". Both of these products have been deprecated by Microsoft in favor of "Windows Live Mail".  Setup for Windows Mail and Live Mail should be similar to Outlook Express. 
    You are free to use either product, but since Thunderbird is known to be more compatible with UVM's mail systems, we urge you to consider it first.
  • Pegasus and Mulberry Mail
    Discontinued email clients seen in the past at UVM. If encountered, please uninstall immediately!

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