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Email Inbox Quota Information

What is the Inbox quota?

The size of your email Inbox is limited to 200 MB (megabytes). When the quota is reached, your Inbox will be unable to store any more messages. Email messages sent to you will be returned to the sender with an error message indicating that you can't receive email because your Inbox is full.

How many messages can I store in my Inbox?

The total Inbox size is determined not only by how many messages it contains, but also the sizes of those messages. Messages with attachments are considerably larger than messages with just text.

  • one 10 KB (kilobyte) message, text only = less than 1% of Inbox quota use
  • one 10 MB (megabyte) message, text with attachment = 5% of Inbox quota use
Whether you have ten or ten thousand messages in your Inbox, the combined sizes of all messages will determine how many you can store until the quota is reached.

What about mail stored in other mailboxes besides the Inbox?

You can store as much mail as you want in other mailboxes. Only the Inbox is subject to quota restriction.

How can I see how much of my quota I'm using?

You can check your Inbox quota usage online by visiting the UVM Network ID & Account Management page. Follow the link to "Check your inbox quota use."

If you use Webmail, your quota use is displayed in the top right corner of the Webmail window:

Webmail quota use display

How do I reduce the size of my Inbox?

To reduce the size of the Inbox, you can:

  • Move messages to other mailboxes/folders: You can create other mailboxes or folders besides the Inbox to store and organize email you want to keep. Moving messages out of the Inbox into one of these will allow you to keep old messages while keeping your Inbox quota low. Other mailboxes are not subject to quota resitriction like the Inbox.
  • Delete messages from your Inbox: Deleting messages from your Inbox will also help to keep your quota low. The email program you use and how it is configured will determine the best way to do this. Some things to watch out for include:
    • Webmail & IMAP: Deleted but not purged
      If you use Webmail or another mail program configured to use IMAP to access your mail, you may find that you delete messages but they still exist in the mailbox until you "purge" or "expunge" the deleted messages. Make sure deleted message get purged. Some mail programs can be set to "Hide deleted messages," which means that you won't see that they are still there waiting to be purged. Disable this setting to see all messages.
    • POP: Leave mail on server
      If you use a mail program configured to use POP to access your mail, there may be a setting called "Leave mail on server." This setting means that when the mail program checks for and retrieves new messages, it doesn't delete them from your Inbox on the server. It follows, then, that these messages will accumulate and eventually fill up your Inbox. Disable this setting unless it also allows you to specify a number of days after which messages will be automatically be removed from the Inbox on the server.
  • Automatically filter large messages to another mailbox/folder: Large messages over a certain size can be automatically redirected to another mailbox/folder besides the Inbox. To enable this feature, go to the UVM Network ID & Account Management page:
    • Click "Email filtering"
    • Click "Add A New Filter"
    • Under the "Folder Filtering Rules" section, look for "Filter Big Messages." Select a size threshold and where the messages should be saved. You can choose an existing mailbox/folder or type a name to create a new one.

Why do we have an Inbox quota?

UVM services tens of thousands of email accounts simultaneously. The Inbox is the most frequently accessed mailbox for all users of email. When the server has to address thousands of Inbox requests every second, and each Inbox is of considerable size, the email server's performance noticeably degrades. Keeping inboxes to a manageable size ensures the best performance of the email service for everyone.

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