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Eudora support at UVM

Eudora was once the premier email client for access to mail servers using the POP protocol.

However, Qualcomm, owner of the Eudora product, was not able to keep up with changes in mail and security protocols, not with advances in operating system platforms. As a result, Eudora became an unsupportable product. Official support for Eudora email software at UVM ended in 2005.

In October 2006, Qualcomm announced that no further development of the original Eudora mail client would take place. Instead, a new open-source version of the product would be developed. This product would be based on the Mozilla mail client code base. At the time of this writing (September 2008) this new "8.0" version of Eudora has not left the beta-test status. Ultimately it appears that Eudora will offer little more than cosmetic enhancements to the Mozilla Thunderbird mailer.

In the tradition of ETS staff holiday parties, we leave you with this Haiku:

Eudora Welty
inspired fine mail software,
found here never more.

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