Customer Agreement

By Checking in computer equipment for repair, the customer must sign and acknowledge:

While Client Services and the Computer Walk-in Clinic take data backup and loss prevention very seriously, neither entity is held responsible for any data loss that may occur once a machine is checked in for service. Reasonable effort will be made to minimize the chance of loss and, if possible, the Customer will be given the option to back up their data.

Client Services is not responsible for any other hardware failure that may occur while the machine is in our possession during normal use and repair. Client Services does its best to identify failed components, but other parts may fail or manifest as failed during the repair process. Client Services will notify the Customer of their options, but cannot be held responsible for repairing or replacing failed components at the University's expense.

Client Services takes precautionary steps to protect any computer equipment left in our care from loss or damage, even during transit between repair locations. The Customer agrees not to hold Client Services liable for loss, theft, or damage to the computer or any of the equipment/accessories left with the computer.

Client Services requires all equipment be picked up from our repair center within 30 days of notification of repair completion. Client Services will use Customer-supplied contact information to make repeated attempts to contact the Customer, roughly once per week. Any equipment left past 30 days, without prior written agreement, will incur storage charges ($5 per business day) that will be added to the bill and payable on machine pickup. If the Customer cannot be reached or fails to pick up the equipment with 45 total days, then it will be considered abandoned. Once equipment is considered abandoned, it then becomes the property of Client Services, and the University, to be used as spare parts or electronic waste for disposal/recycling.

I agree to the terms and conditions listed above:


Should the Customer not agree to the terms and conditions listed above, service for failed hardware may be obtained directly from the manufacturer. Such service may incur fees and expenses which will be the responsibility of the Customer to pay under the terms and conditions of the equipment manufacturer.