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Client Services Hardware hourly labor guidelines
for UVM affiliated* individually-owned systems

Any work performed by Client Serivces Hardware (diagnosis, repair, upgrades, installations, etc.) on individually-owned computers is subject to a standard, minimum labor fee. This fee will be waived if:

  • The service can be performed by the Computer Depot Clinic (CDC) with your participation, or by the School of Business Administration (if you are a student enrolled in that school).
  • The affected machine is owned by a University department.
  • The repair is covered by the manufacturer's warranty or accidental damage protection plan.

Not all services are covered under warranties or damage protection plans. Some examples are, but not limited to: software/configuration problems & corrections (though in most of these cases we will advise taking advantage of the free services offered by the CDC as above), human error, intentional damage, no problems found, loss of data or use, etc. Accidental damage coverage is determined by an accidental damage protection plan's terms and conditions. Each manufacturer solely defines its warranty coverage, not the Depot or Client Services; please see your warranty statement for details.

Attempted data recovery is subject to a minimum fee of one hour labor. Please be advised that this labor fee will be due whether the recovery attempt is successful or not.

Client Serivces Hardware provides a limited, 90-day warranty on labor only for installation of third-party equipment. Service involved in repairs/replacements beyond 90 days will incur labor charges, and possibly parts and shipping charges.

* The Client Services Hardware team's primary mission is to the UVM community. Therefore, we only provide service to UVM affiliates. Non-affiliates must locate service providers in their local communities. Models currently serviced.

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