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Hardware & Warranty Service

Our hardware team is authorized to perform hardware service ONLY on Apple laptops, desktops, & displays1, and Dell Latitude, XPS & OptiPlex models2. During warranty periods, parts and labor are covered under the terms and conditions3 of each manufacturer's warranty or add-on coverage.

If the product is out of warranty or the failure is not covered, repairs will be billable on a time-and-materials basis with customer approval. Current labor guidelines apply and labor rates are posted in the Computer Depot and Computer Depot Clinic (CDC).

Third-Party products sold by the Computer Depot, whether with a computer or separately, are usually covered directly by their manufacturers as we are not authorized to repair these products. Returns of any items are to be handled by the Computer Depot directly and subject to the terms of the Computer Depot's Returns Policy.

Help for supported software, network configuration, anti-virus/anti-malware, and related problems is provided by ETS Client Services regardless of your computer model. Please see the ETS Help page for details. In-person assistance by Client Services staff is available at the Computer Depot Clinic, located in 200 Davis Center.

Warranty Information

Length of Coverage:

The length of warranty coverage will vary depending on equipment manufacturer; consult the receipt and warranty statement from the manufacturer that has been provided with each piece of equipment.

  • Scope:
  • For the length of the warranty coverage, the University's Client Services hardware team can provide repair service, including parts and labor, necessitated by the malfunction of your computer equipment subject to the terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions stipulated herein and in the warranty statement of each product.

    Please note: neither the Computer Depot nor Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) provide your hardware warranty -- the manufacturer does. The Depot and ETS provide you with service and support under the terms of the hardware warranty. Your rights under the warranty may vary by state or province. Please see the links below for warranty information from the manufacturers of the products The Depot sells.

  • Place of Service:
  • Repair service will be provided at the Computer Depot and Computer Depot Clinic in room 200 Davis Center (carry-in), unless special provisions have been made for University-owned machines. Transportation of equipment to and from the Computer Depot is the responsibility of the owner for carry-in service; pick-up and delivery will be considered "on-site" service, and the appropriate labor rate will apply for service that is not covered under the manufacturers' warranties.

  • Exclusions:
  • The following conditions are excluded from coverage under most standard warranties:
    1. Preventive maintenance, which is service performed for the purpose of preventing a malfunction.
    2. Repair of damaged or malfunctioning equipment resulting from abuse, accident3, neglect or other cause other than normal usage, whether or not the damage of malfunction was inflicted by the owner.
    3. Failure or malfunctioning of equipment which results from attachment to or installation of equipment which is not covered by the equipment's original warranty.


    1. iPods and iPads must be sent to Apple by the customer directly. Aftermarket accessories may be returned through Depot Sales.
    2. We are NOT authorized to perform hardware service on other Dell computers or printers. If you own a Dell computer other than Latitude, XPS, or OptiPlex, we recommend that you contact Dell directly for hardware service at 888-560-8324.  Thank you for your understanding.
    3. Not all failures are covered under warranty or add-on coverage such as AppleCare extended warranty, or Dell CompleteCare accidental damage protection programs. Please refer to the warranty statement that comes with your computer, or here: Apple Warranty, Dell Warranty.
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