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Example virus message

Example "VIRUS REMOVED" message

Here's a sample of the email the recipient will receive:

 Subject: [VIRUS REMOVED] ^_^ meay-meay!
 Looking forward for  a  response :P
 ..btw, "88857" is a password for archive
The following is an automated message from UVM's email gateway: UVM's email gateway found one or more attachments to this email message that contained the following virus(es): W32/Bagle-Zip The gateway has deleted the attachments. This notification is being sent to you for informational purposes. To keep nuisance factors and mail traffic under control, the apparent sender of the message has NOT been notified. Many viruses use forged "from" addresses, so the apparent sender's computer may not be the one that is infected. UVM Postmaster

The virus scanner tells the user that the message contained a virus, and that the offending attachment was deleted. It also tells the user what the virus name was. Message headers are left intact so that the user can tell where the message came from, assuming that information has not been forged (as many worms do.)

Questions? Please contact the ETS Helpline.

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