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ETS Account Application Form for Departments & Organizations

Network ID Account Application Form

for Departments & Organizations

Complete both sections of this application. We can receive the form via e-mail (which must come from the Primary Contact Person listed below) or paper mail, and we'll verify by a phone call or a UVM ID check.

Section 1
Department/Organization Name:
Department/Organization Address:
Department/Organization Telephone Number:
Primary contact person Telephone Number:
Preferred netid 8, characters max:
Preferred alias email address alias:
Briefly describe what the account will be used for
Primary Contact Person:
If organization, name of sponsoring faculty/staff member:
Names of others who will be using the account: Other 1
Other 2
Note: this type of account is limited to two in addition to the primary contact person.

Section 2


  • By accepting a UVM computer account for this department or organization, I agree to the following:

  • to be responsible for all use of the computer account;

  • to use the account for personal, legal, ethical, non-commercial purposes only;

  • to allow no other individual to use the account; [Department and Organization accounts may allow only those individuals listed on the account application form]:

  • not to violate system security or interfere with system performance;

  • not to access another person's account or password; not to access another person's files without permission; and,

  • not to use the system for frivolous, harassing or inconsiderate purposes, or to disrupt another person's use of the system.

Notice to those departments, individuals or projects funded by research grants, development contracts, commercial enterprises or income/expense budgets: Until further notice charges have been waived for the use of the University's computing systems.

Departments and organizations should note that the primary contact person is responsible for the account in its entirety, and that any violation of the agreement may result in termination of the account. The primary contact person is therefore admonished to exercise due care in allowing others access to the department or organization account. There are no second chances given in the event of termination. Note also that the department or organization itself may be compromised by an unruly user or violator.
Requestor's Name
Requestor's email

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