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Computer Freezing Appears Resolved

The issue some Windows computers have experienced with freezing and locking appears to have been resolved.  The ESET NOD32 virus protection software would consume 100% of a computer's processing resources, often leaving the system unresponsive.  Monitoring ESET forums over the weekend, it is clear that others were having this same problem. 
ETS has been working with ESET since Friday to diagnose the problem, which first started appearing late Thursday afternoon. 

It is important to activate virus protection on computers that have had it removed or disabled.  The procedure to recover from the error condition and reinstate virus protection, as Jonathan Trigaux described in a posting this  morning on the IT-Discuss listserv, is this:

  • If you have disabled ESET NOD32 virus protection (without uninstalling the software):
  1. Start up (boot) the computer in Safe Mode
  2. Re-enable the service
  3. Reboot
  4. Wait a few minutes before logging in (to give ESET NOD32 time to update automatically to the corrected version)
  5. Log in and use the system normally
  • If you have uninstalled ESET NOD32:
    1. Go to the UVM software library and download the ESET NOD32 installation program
    2. Run the installation program to install ESET NOD32, following the instructions it displays
    3. Use the system normally

If you have difficulty with this procedure, or if you continue to experience the problem afterwards, please contact the ETS Help Line at 802-656-2604.  ETS is working to provide a simpler reactivation procedure, and will post an updated news article if and when a simpler procedure is available. 

ETS acknowledges the frustration and lost productivity this situation has caused.  ETS is grateful for the collaboration of UVM's IT support community in diagnosing this problem, providing clients with workaround, and testing and implementing solutions. 
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