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UVM Password Change Required by May 24 at 4:30 p.m.

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May 23, 2018

The University of Vermont is taking steps to address a computer system intrusion that could lead to malicious use of UVM NetID usernames and passwords.

The University has no indication that personally identifiable information has been accessed or compromised. Nonetheless, the University is taking the proactive step of requiring that ALL passwords be changed immediately and no later than 4:30 PM on Thursday, May 24. Accounts with passwords that have not been changed by this time will receive an additional notification, will have their passwords expired, and a change will be required before the account can be used again.

You may change your password at the University account management website. You may visit the site by either typing or copying and pasting this web address into your web browser: Click on “Change your NetID password” and follow the instructions.

If you use your UVM email and NetID password as your login credentials for any external sites (e.g. Facebook, Fidelity) or have used your UVM password as your password on affiliated sites (e.g. College of Medicine M#, UVM Medical Center), you should change those passwords immediately as well. You should NOT use your new UVM password as the new password for any site other than UVM.

For additional information, please visit the FAQs at These FAQs will be updated as additional information becomes available.

If you need help with changing your password, please contact the UVM Computing Helpline at (802) 656-2604 or at For security policy questions, contact If you are concerned that this message is a computer virus, worm, or attempt at social engineering, you can confirm its legitimacy by contacting the Helpline.

Please note that this email is not asking for your password. UVM will never ask for your password via email. This message is to inform you of the need to change your password through the UVM website.

Ongoing monitoring of the University’s computer systems resulted in early detection of this system intrusion, which improved our ability to implement protection and mitigation strategies.

The University continues to work with law enforcement and information security experts to investigate and address the intrusion. Users are asked to be extra vigilant with their computer use and report any suspicious activity to Safe computing tips are available on the “Why?security” blog at

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