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Use of Microsoft Windows XP After April 8 Carries Significant Risk

Windows XP Sunset Screen

Is your computer, or a computer in your area, running Windows XP?  Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows XP on April 9, which means there will be no more security updates, even when significant security flaws are found and exploited. Because continued use of Windows XP would expose the University to significant security risks, after April 8, computers running Windows XP will not be allowed, by policy, to use the UVM wired or wireless networks. Windows XP systems, whether UVM's or personally owned, should not be used after April 8 to access University academic or administrative services, even if connecting from off campus. 

You can tell whether a computer is running Windows XP by following these steps:

  1. click Start;
  2. right-click My Computer;
  3. click Properties
  4. If the computer is running Windows XP, that version will be indicated under "System" near the top of the window.

Upgrading or replacing computers may require significant effort and may involve costs for hardware and software.  Departmental IT support personnel, and the UVM Computing Helpline, at 656-2604, can provide additional help and guidance.  IT support personnel can find more information on the UVM IT website.  Departments that are having difficulty making the transition away from Windows XP are encouraged to work with the Information Security Operations Team. Please contact the team at

This Microsoft article explains some of the risks that would come with continued use of Windows XP.  

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