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Fry this Phish: "UVM ITS ALERT!"

Did you receive an email with a Subject of "UVM ITS ALERT!"?  This message, like others that warn you to "validate" or "re-validate" your mailbox or your email account, is a phishing scam -- an attempt to steal your UVM credentials (your Net-ID and password).   Please do not click on the link in the message; simply delete the email.  

Any email that asks you to to enter your UVM password on a non-UVM web site is a phishing scam. Do  not click links in such messages and do not reply.  Hover your cursor over links to see where they would take you; if it's not going to "" or "", don't click. 

UVM will never ask you to enter your UVM Net-ID and password on a non-UVM web page -- even if it looks like a UVM page, and even if it's on a reputable site, such as Google Docs, or, or if it contains UVM graphics and you've been directed there by an email that appears to come from a UVM email address.

What to do if you've clicked on the link

If you've followed the link in the message, or replied to this email or one like it, you should change your password immediately at Contact the UVM Computing Helpline if you need assistance changing your password.

For more information about phishing scams, view our Web page on protecting your NetID and password

If you are ever uncertain about the legitimacy of an email message concerning your account, please contact the Computing Help Line at 656-2604, or submit a help request online.

If you would like to report phishing, please forward the phishing email, as an attachment, to <>.  (To forward a message as an attachment using Thunderbird, go to the Message menu and select Forward As > Attachment.)

The " UVM ITS ALERT!" Phishing Scam

Here is the phishing message some of us received recently. 

Subject:    UVM ITS ALERT!
Date:    Wed, 13 Feb 2013 11:15:25 +0800
From:    UVM Service Desk
To:    (You)

Dear  UVM Account Holder,
We at  UVM  ITS Service Desk detected some security problem on your UVM E-mail  account, and this might lead to your account deactivation if immediate action is not taken.
Click  HERE  and re-validate your account information to resolve this problem.
ITS Service Desk
Helpline at 656-2604




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