Title: Tutorial; Protection of Human Subjects in Research

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VERSION 6/27/05


- This page has a purposely white background to improve visibility by older browsers.


If you got to this tutorial from a link sent to your Hotmail account, the tutorial will not work. Please read on.

Opening any link in Hotmail actually opens a browser-within-a-browser (MSN logo and the text "You are visiting a site outside of Hotmail. To return to Hotmail, close this browser window. " is at the top.) This hotmail feature is very, very "buggy" and will not work with secure websites.


Copy the link, OPEN ANOTHER BROWSER WINDOW, and paste it in a NEW browser window. The MSN logo should not be in the little window at the top of the screen.

The browser industry has changed a lot in the last four years. This change has supported standardization, which greatly improved the accessibility of the internet to peoples with disabilities. This movement has begun to create more web pages that are accessible to everyone regardless of disability, browser or operating system.

This tutorial was created to meet these standards.

The following browsers have been tested, and work with this tutorial:

Tested browsers
Windows Macintosh
Internet Explorer 5.0 Internet Explorer for Mac 5.1*
Internet Explorer 5.5

Safari 1.2*

Internet Explorer 6.0 Netscape 6.0
Netscape 6.0 Netscape 7.0
Netscape 7.0  
Mozilla 1.0 - 1.6  
Opera 7.5  

* - slightly "buggy", but it works fine.

If you do not have one of the above tested browsers, we recommend that you download one of these newer, standard-compliant, browsers:

Download New Browser
Windows Macintosh
Mozilla 1.6

Safari 1.2

Opera 7.5 Mozilla 1.6
Internet Explorer 6.0 Netscape 7.0
Netscape 7.0 Opera 7.5
  Mac OS 9 - Netscape 7.02

To read more about web standards please see the Web Standards Group and the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative.

For our efforts, please see our accessibility page.

The IRB Staff

For questions, please contact us at irb@uvm.edu.