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New Behavioral or Social Science Committee Protocols

As of July 1st, all submissions are required to be submitted through InfoEd. You must have proper security access to create electronic submissions. For more information on electronic submissions, visit our InfoEd Resource Materials page.

To choose the appropriate forms to submit you must first determine if what you are proposing is solely qualitative research or a combination of both qualitative and quantitative research.
Qualitative research is the gathering of data primarily through the methods of participant observation, face-to-face interviews, or open-ended surveys or questionnaires, often for the purpose of addressing questions pertaining to social and/or cultural issues.
Quantitative research generates numerical data or information that can be converted into numbers.

Protocol Materials

Last Updated

If the research is purely qualitative complete the
Qualitative Research Protocol
   (if applicable) Operations Center Activities Supplement 06/27/11


If the research is qualitative and quantitative the 
Common Protocol Cover Form, AND    

Human Research Protocol   08/07/17
Data Repository Protocol 05/02/17
Also include the following as applicable in the either of the applications above:

Consent Form or Waiver Request

One copy as applicable:
Awarded Grant
Contract or Agreement with Sponsor
Collaborative Agreements with Other Insitutitons
Recruitment Materials
Any documents provided to the subject (e.g. questionnaires/diaries/educational materials)
Verbal Consent Script
Information Sheet in lieu of Signed Consent
Request for UVM NetID for Required Training NA

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