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Message from President Sullivan

Message from President Thomas Sullivan

Dear UVM Staff Members:

President Thomas SulliavanThe University of Vermont is an exceptional institution that depends on a community of dedicated people for its successful operation. The University has enjoyed remarkable success over the last several years and I believe we are poised for even greater achievement in the future. The excellent work of the UVM staff is essential to that promising future. As President, I am committed to achieving our vision of greatness, know that each of you is just as committed, and recognize and applaud the many contributions you make to the realization of the vision for UVM.

As we advance the vision, we are determined to preserve and improve a positive work environment for UVM staff. As you may know, we have entered a period in which non-unionized staff members are being asked by union organizers to consider union representation. Questions are arising from staff about the pros and cons of unionizing and about what staff may and may not do during working hours with regard to organizing activity.

Throughout this period, staff members need accurate, thorough information in order to make informed decisions about unionization and to understand the rights and responsibilities of staff, of the University, and of union representatives during a union campaign. Toward that end, the University will continue to provide relevant information to you through the Informed Choice website. Topics will include salary/wages and benefits, how unionized and non-unionized workplaces compare, and how working conditions and compensation for staff measure up between unionized and non-unionized staff at UVM.

Let me say again: The work of UVM staff is critical to everything our University is and will be. I recognize and appreciate the efforts staff members make every day on our campus. It is profoundly important to me that staff work in an environment of high job satisfaction, competitive compensation, and positive working conditions. These issues have my full attention, and they are among my highest priorities for the future.

I am always happy to hear from UVM staff, and I encourage you to send any questions or concerns to my office at 349 Waterman, or to the attention of In addition, specific questions regarding labor relations issues may be directed to staff labor relations manager Caryn Gronvold in our Office of Human Resource Services.

Thank you.

Thomas Sullivan

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