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Informed Choice at The University of Vermont

Election Eligibility

Election Eligibility

Eligibility to vote in the upcoming run-off election is limited to UVM staff in the following job families:

  • C Family: Administrative Support or Clerical
  • T Family: Technical
  • Sp Family: Specialized

Staff recognized by the VLRB as being managerial, supervisory or confidential employees will be excluded from voting. Their names will not appear on the list of eligible employees.

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Where can I see the list of eligible employees?

The list of employees eligible to vote in the December 16 and 17 election is on the Informed Choice website. A physical copy of the list has been posted on the bulletin boards inside the College Street entrance to the Waterman Building.

What if my name is not on the list and I believe it should be?

If it turns out that your name is not on the list and you believe it should be, you may apply to the Vermont Labor Relations Board (mailing address: 133 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05633-6101; fax number 802-828-2392; e-mail address: for a ruling as to whether you will be permitted to have your name added to the list of persons eligible to vote in the election. Such application shall be filed with the Board by Monday, November 17.

What are the job titles that are eligible to participate in this election?

See the eligible job titles list at the bottom of this page. Job titles not included in this list are not included in the proposed bargaining unit.

How can I find my job title, if I don't know it?

Log in to PeopleSoft HR. Navigate to Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > View Paycheck. Find your Job Title in the blue box marked "General," near the top of the screen.

What about staff from the College of Medicine, from Extension, and those who work on grants?

Individuals whose job titles are identified in the "Eligible Job Titles" list below (who are not identified as "confidential" or "supervisory" employees) would be part of the proposed bargaining unit and should plan to vote in the upcoming election. The proposed unit extends to all eligible employees with the identified job titles regardless of work location and would include staff from the College of Medicine, from Extension, those who work on grants, and those who work in locations off-campus.

How will I know if I am a "supervisory," "managerial," or "confidential" employee?

Statutory definitions are provided in the State Employees Labor Relations Act (SELRA) and determinations have been made on a case-by-case basis, depending on each employee’s assigned duties. This determination process has already occurred, and the names of staff who have been agreed upon as fitting the definition of supervisory, managerial or confidential do NOT appear on the list of employees eligible to vote in the December 16 and 17 election.

Eligible Job Titles

  • Biomedical Equipment Technician Senior
  • Biomedical Equipment Technician
  • Business Support Assistant
  • Business Support Generalist
  • Business/Accounting Specialist
  • Environmental Safety Technician
  • Equipment Technician
  • Equipment Technician Senior
  • Facilities Analyst
  • Information Technology Assistant/Programmer
  • Interpreter/Translator Specialist
  • Laboratory/Research Technician
  • Laboratory/Research Technician Senior
  • Library Support Assistant
  • Library Support Generalist
  • Library Support Senior
  • Media Broadcast Technician
  • Media Technician
  • Medical Laboratory Specialist
  • Medical Technologist
  • Nursing Specialist
  • Office/Program Outreach Support
  • Office/Program Support Assistant
  • Office/Program Support Generalist
  • Process Coordinator
  • Program Specialist
  • Research Assistant
  • Research Project Assistant
  • Safety Technician
  • Scientific Electronics Technician
  • Scientific Equipment Technician
  • Services Support Material Specialist
  • Student Services Specialist
  • Technical Support Generalist
  • Technical Support Specialist