Projects & Research

IEDS strives to leverage our geographic location with the core competencies which exist at the University of Vermont and its partners. Our three projects and research themes have been chosen to ensure the originality of our work and its contribution to our mission:

Boundaries in physical and cognitive space can be defining themes of diplomacy.  IEDS explores how human territoriality can be constructively configured so geopolitical boundaries work within ecological principles.

Public policy has often been polarized between “hawks” and doves”, with each side dismissing the other’s motives and methods.  IEDS works to reconcile these differences by promoting a practically implementable vision of peace.

 Natural resources have values in both economic and ecological terms, and often a disjuncture in these values leads to conflict.  IEDS works to find effective mechanisms for ascribing, communicating, and implementing values that minimize conflict.

Water one the most vital necessities for life. Communities dependent on freshwater resources for water, energy and livelihood often suffer under intractable conflict between political actors sometimes over the actual water rights, and sometimes water is an additional stressor. IEDS works to strengthen and develop cooperation and empower communities in water management across river basins.

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