Ecology and Society publication by IEDS Fellow Asim Zia

Baobab in Ruaha National Park

IEDS Fellow Dr. Asim Zia is the lead author an a notable study regarding socio-ecological tradeoffs in managing a national park in Tanzania linked below.  This research was funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation for the research project “Advancing Conservation in a Social Context: Working in a World of Trade-Offs”

Zia, A., P. Hirsch, A. Songorwa, D. R. Mutekanga, S. O'Connor, T. McShane, P. Brosius and B. Norton. 2011. Cross-Scale Value Trade-Offs in Managing Social-Ecological Systems: The Politics of Scale in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania . Ecology and Society 16 (4): 7