Polar Diplomacy:

Near Yellowknife

Dipomacy on Ice: Energy, the Environment and Emergent Cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Editors: Rebecca H. Pincus, Saleem H. Ali

This edited volume will fill a gap in the current polar literature by synthesizing several divergent strands of scholarship into a coherent and cogent whole, thereby painting a comprehensive picture of the past, present, and future of intergroup interaction in the polar environment.The rapidly changing polar environment makes this book both timely as well as important, as it is critical to understand past conflict and cooperation at the poles in order to improve and manage the approaching increase in polar use, contact, and potential for conflict.In addition, the variety of stakeholders interacting at the poles, as well as the variety of interests they pursue, make for fascinating insights for all students of conflict and diplomacy. Native groups, scientists, corporate interests across multiple sectors (energy, minerals, fish, tourism), diverse government agencies, and nonprofits all interact at the poles - often crisscrossing in pursuit of divergent and sometimes directly conflicting goals.

Currently under peer review (as of March 2013). Expected date of publication -- Summer 2014.