Anna Grichting

Asst. Professor at Qatar University and Board Member of Friends of Humanity

Dr. Anna Grichting is a Swiss Architect, Urbanist and Musician and holds a Doctor of Design from Harvard University. The founder and director of Bordermeetings and a researcher at the Geneva University of Art and Design on the Policies and Practices of Memorialisation, her work focuses on border landscapes in areas of conflict and their transformation as biological and cultural landscapes of memory. She is working on a Digital and Dynamic Atlas of Ecological Cooperation with Dr. Saleem Ali and directing the GreenLineScapes Laboratory on the Buffer Zone of Cyprus. Dr. Grichting has taught Theory and Design studios at the Universities of Geneva and Harvard and has lectured worldwide and is on the Advisory Board of the Korea DMZ Council, a Board Member of the Friends of Humanity Foundation in Switzerland, an active member of Friends of Nature Cyprus and of the DZF German Cypriot Forum. She is currently Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at Qatar University