Announcing the Leadership Institute- Center for the Advancement of Public Action and Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security in Spring 2018

In spring 2018, CAPA and IEDS will partner to host at least 12 participants (six from Afghanistan and six from Pakistan) in Montreal, Canada to negotiate a framework on sharing the trans-boundary water resources in the Indus Basin. The goals of this week-long convening, which will take place at The Peace Centre at Dawson College in Montreal, will be to produce a framework to proceed on both formal (track-one) and (track-two) informal negotiations between Pakistan and Afghanistan over shared trans-boundary resources in the Indus Basin, and to develop a plan for research, outreach, and assessment of local communities along the Indus Basin, their use of the water, and their needs in moving forward. Funding sources will be identified and prioritized, and a feasible plan of action will be developed during the Montreal convening to seek funding from prioritized sources. The overarching objective of this plan of action will be to resolve these challenging issues in order for both countries to understand this important watershed and discuss how it should be monitored and maintained.