Yale University Press publishes IEDS anthology on Arctic and Antarctic Diplomacy

IEDS-sponsored book published by Yale University Press - launch event

January 23  --  3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Location: UVM Davis Center, Chittenden Room (4th floor)

Book is edited by IEDS doctoral graduate Rebecca Pincus  and IEDS Founding Director Saleem H. Ali and inclyudes chapters by current IEDS director Asim Zia and Research Fellow Kati Osgood

As the race for resources in distant parts of the planet gathers momentum, most discussion has centered on the potential for conflict, environmental destruction, and upheaval from climate change. This important book shifts the conversation about the Arctic and Antarctic from conflict to cooperation. A multidisciplinary roster of experts provides fresh views of the polar regions, focusing on diplomacy and the potential for cooperative international decision-making. Collectively the contributors illustrate the breadth of issues that complicate governance in the Arctic and Antarctic, as well as parallels and differences between the politics of the two poles.

Endorsements on the book:

“Multifaceted and comprehensive, this volume looks at the array of issues from many perspectives . . . a serious and scholarly contribution to the rapidly changing polar regions.”—Thomas E. Lovejoy, George Mason University

“Educators who strive to provide their students with a fundamental understanding of the challenges of governing distant Polar Regions would be well served to assign Pincus and Ali’s overview as required reading.”—Walter Berbrick, Associate Professor and Director of the Arctic Regional Studies Group, U.S. Naval War College

Details  about book  Diplomacy on Ice can be found at http://yalebooks.com/book.asp?isbn=9780300205169