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June 13, 2017

Notice to Investigators from Richard A. Galbraith, Vice President for Research

I want to make you aware of an initiative that is ongoing in the Research Protections Office. The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) has been working to redesign the IBC protocol review process. It was noted during this work that we needed to formalize a post approval biosafety assessment process. This regulatory requirement is noted in the NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules, and will also be in support of promoting a culture of safety at the University.

To address this need, the Committee has developed and approved a Post Approval Laboratory Biosafety Assessment process. The plan is to send a team, comprised of the Biosafety Officer and alternating IBC Committee members, to visit each laboratory by the end of this year. This will provide us an opportunity to conduct a review of our laboratories and to assess our safety practices and compliance with the NIH and IBC.

The primary focus of the assessment process is to assess PPE use and management, educate and advise on biosafety and IBC compliance matters, and address any questions or concerns brought forth by principal investigators. This process is intended to be collegial and interactive, not punitive. If a biosafety or IBC compliance issue is discovered during a visit, the IBC will assist the investigators in addressing the issue.

Specific details will be forwarded separately to affected investigators prior to the commencement of the assessment process. If you have any questions about this biosafety assessment process, please contact .

November 4, 2015
Attention Infoed Users:  InfoEd will be upgraded to a new version of code this weekend and will not be available to users.  The system will be off-line from Friday, November 6 at 3 pm until Monday, November 9 at 8 am.  Users will NOT be able to access the system during this time.  Read more here.

December 14, 2009

The Move from Paper to Electronic Exchange of IBC Protocol Materials

Beginning 01/01/2010 the IBC will require investigators to submit all protocols and protocol-related submissions (e.g. continuing review, amendments) in portable document format (PDF). This change is a giant step forward and should result in less paperwork for the investigators and the IBC staff.

We continue to require protocol submissions to be signed by the Biosafety Coordinator and the PI. This will require that investigators scan final submission documents into a PDF document and then forward them to our office. We have identified a potential pitfall with this new process to be confusion with document versions. We must all be vigilant about making sure we are always working with the currently approved version of the protocol form. Please update your documents every time they are submitted by completing the footer with the date of the submission. This date footer is not automatic, therefore you must change it each time you revise your protocol form. You should not use the automatic date feature as this will add further confusion by changing your date every time you happen to open the document. Failure to update this protocol version date may delay review of the submission.

All submissions need to be sent to the email box where new submissions will be monitored and processed in the order they are received. Electronic submissions prior to January 1 will be accepted.

As you know we have already implemented automated email notifications and correspondence from the InfoEd database system. This will continue without any changes.

Reminder: Depending upon which email software and browser is used, the Infoed correspondence may appear within the email message or as an attachment or both. Investigators may reply to these automated emails, but remember to attach a PDF document(s) of whatever it is that is being submitted for review. Do not attempt to complete an attachment that appears to be automatically generated. You can either print the attachment, complete, and then scan or go to our forms page for a Word version of the form, complete and then scan.

We expect that some adjustments may need to be made to this new process and appreciate your patience and feedback during this transition.

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