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Meeting Dates

  • Meetings are generally on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 3:30 pm
  • Meetings generally take place in 427A Waterman  Building

Biological Review Requirements

  • All new protocols must be reviewed and signed off by the UVM Biological Safety Officer (BSO) prior to submission to the IBC Office.  
  • Investigators must contact the BSO according to the meeting date chart to allow enough time for a meeting and possible site visit to the lab.  
  • Send protocol to BSO,, in word format so that he may track suggested changes.
  • Once reviewed and signed off by the BSO, protocols and any supplemental materials must be converted to pdf format and emailed to the IBC by 4:30 on day of deadline.
  • New protocols will not be considered for IBC review until this has been completed and the BSO has signed off on the protocol.  

Submission to IBC

  • All forms must be emailed to the IBC by 4:30 on day of deadline.  
  • Electronic signatures on the forms are accepted
  • Submit in pdf format to

Initial Submission Last Updated
Protocol Form (.docx)
The Biological Safety Officer must complete and sign the risk assessment section of the form prior to submission.
if applicable
Standard Operating Procedure
A Standard Operating Procedure must be submitted for each biohazardous agent listed in sections 2.2 and/or 3.2 in the protocol.

Continuing Review Last Updated
Continuing Review Form

The Research Protections Office has recently made changes to the IBC continuing review process.  Effective with the February 2nd notices, we will be forwarding to you (and/or your contact) through the InfoEd system, a continuing review form that will now include the currently approved protocol information.  You will open the form attached in that email, and then complete the current status, update the funding and research materials, and apprise us of any problems during the last review period on this pre-populated document. The current Word version will be removed from the webpage as it will no longer be used.

This change has been made to reduce researcher burden and to support increased compliance.  Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding the form and we will direct you to the right person to help you.

Amendments Last Updated
Amendment Form
If you only have key personnel changes, you must use the "Request for Change to Key Personnel" found below.
Request to Change PI or Key Personnel Form
Any persons working on a BSL2 protocol must complete UVM mandatory safety on-line, and  BSL2, in-class training.

Incidents Last Updated
Incident Report Form
Use this form to report to the IBC any incidents (E.g. accidental exposure, spills that may be environmentally dangerous, events requiring any type of medical attention) or any noncompliance with NIH guidelines.

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