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Lattie F. Coor Collaborative Fellows for Spring 2015

The Humanities Center is pleased to announce it has awarded a Lattie F. Coor Collaborative Fellows grant for Spring 2015. The winning proposal is "Visualizing Ideas in the Digital Humanities." The group brings together five faculty members interested in exploring ways of applying visualization tools, with a particular emphasis on representations of spatial patterns and processes, to humanities questions. The group will investigate classroom, research, and digital library applications and work toward building programmatic support for these efforts at UVM.

The Fellows include Prof. Abby McGowan (History; Organizing Fellow), Prof. Meghan Cope (Geography), Prof. Chris Burns (Bailey-Howe Library), Prof. Vicki Brennan (Religion), and Prof. Nicole Phelps (History). Each fellow receives individual professional development funds as well a shared fund to organize joint activities

The group will be meeting during the Spring semester and plans to hold a public colloquium on digital humanities at UVM next Fall. For more information on the group and its activities, contact Prof. Abby McGowan.

For more information about the Lattie F. Coor Collaborative Fellows Award, click on the Funding Opportunities for Faculty link to the left.

Last modified February 17 2015 11:56 AM