Onboarding at UVM: Info for Hiring Managers, Supervisors

New employees are required to participate in a comprehensive onboarding program.
For details on each onboarding session, please visit the Onboarding Overview page.

Note: If you are registering a UVM Medical Group Physician, please see this page.

How to Register a New Employee

The hiring manager or supervisor should register all new employees for both a New Hire Enrollment session and a UVM Culture and Community session. Registration for both sessions should conform to the following process:

Step One: The following forms must be received in Human Resources two weeks prior to the anticipated New Hire Enrollment date.

Step Two: Completed after paperwork has been processed and an employee record has been created in PeopleSoft. The following form must be completed no later than noon the Friday before the anticipated New Hire Enrollment date.

e-Mail Notification

Tools for Supervisors


A list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found here. If your answer isn't on the list, contact Human Resource Services HRSinfo@uvm.edu .



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