Onboarding at UVM: Info for Hiring Managers, Supervisors

New employees are required to participate in a comprehensive onboarding program. See the chart showing required sessions based on job classification. Additional information is available on the Onboarding Overview page.

How to Register a New Employee

The hiring manager or supervisor should register all new staff and any faculty hired off-cycle for the Benefits Enrollment Session. Registration for the session should conform to the following process:

Questions about the process? e-Mail HRSLearningServices@uvm.edu.

e-Mail Notification

Notification of session enrollment will be sent to the employee at the e-mail address provided on the registration form. The employee's supervisor and the person filling out the registration form will both be copied on the initial scheduling e-mails. (Supervisors will also be copied on any e-mails related to the rescheduling of sessions.)

Employees will receive a reminder e-mail during the week prior to each of their scheduled sessions.

Rescheduling Sessions/No Shows

Attendance at all scheduled sessions is expected. If other obligations prevent the employee from attending a session, the session can be rescheduled by calling HRS Learning Services at 802-656-5800 or e-mailing HRSLearningServices@uvm.edu.

Hiring managers and supervisors will be notified if an employee is scheduled for a required session and does not attend. It will be the responsibility of the employee/department to reschedule the session.

Checklists and Additional Support

Onboarding checklists will be made available to supervisors and hiring managers mid-February.