University Benefits Advisory Council

The University Benefits Advisory Council (UBAC) serves in an advisory capacity to the administration concerning policies and decision-making processes that bear on the full range of employee benefits programs at UVM. The UBAC's responsibility is to "review and evaluate the University's benefits programs and to make recommendations to the President and Provost with regard to the modification of existing employee benefit plans and the design of any new benefit programs."

Read the full text of the charge given at the creation of the University Benefits Advisory Council in 2007.

Guiding Principles for Benefits Cost Share

The UBAC published guiding principles that were developed as a framework for helping the University administration evaluate proposed options for making cost-sharing changes to the University's medical coverage for active faculty and staff. Find the latest version of these guiding principles on the Benefits Cost Share website.

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Past Work of the UBAC

Guiding Principles for PRMB

In the spring of 2010, the UBAC expressed its guiding principles for any discussion related to the GASB45 accounting standards and Post-Retirement Medical Benefits (PRMB) as:

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Info relevant to the Post-Retirement Medical Benefits discussion:

Post-Retirement Benefits

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