Creating Culturally-Competent Organizations

The DFES Diversity Committee is pleased to announce a unique learning opportunity specifically designed for DFES managers and leaders. This opportunity represents a collaboration between DFES and the Center for Cultural Pluralism and requires participation in a two-stage process in which participants will attend a large group training session followed by a smaller workshop aimed at helping participants design future sessions for their own staff.

Session One: The Leader’s Role in Creating Culturally-Competent Organizations

Facilitator: Joseph Ponterotto, PhD
November 3, 9:00 to 11:30 AM

Location: Will be sent upon registration

Overall Objective: This session focuses on the development of competencies in two areas: cultural adaptability and identity development. Leaders will explore key factors that can be used to develop tangible criteria for assessing effective change within their organization to address cultural competency and reduce prejudice.

Learning Outcomes:

Session Two: Understanding Key Issues in Designing Diversity Learning Opportunities for Your Staff

Facilitators: Sherwood Smith, Center for Cultural Pluralism and Tara Messier, HRS Learning Services
January 19, 9-11 or 1:30-3:30

Location: Will be sent upon registration

Overall Objective: This session focuses on designing future sessions for DFES staff, using the material presented in Dr. Ponterotto’s session in consultation with the Center for Cultural Pluralism and HRS Learning Services.

Learning Outcomes:

Registration: Send an e-mail to Learning Services with your request. Please include your choice of a January session as well as your office phone number. Registration is required and limited to 25 participants.

Biography of Joseph G. Ponterotto, PhD

Dr. Ponterotto is both a licensed psychologist and a mental health counselor in New York State, and is the former Associate Editor of the Journal of Counseling Psychology. He currently coordinates both the Mental Health and School Counseling Master’s Degree Programs at Fordham University. Dr. Ponterotto is the co-author or co-editor of 11 books, the most recent being Preventing Prejudice: A Guide for Counselors, Educators, and Parents (2nd ed., 2006, Sage Publications), and the Handbook of Multicultural Assessment: Clinical, Psychological, and Educational Applications (3rd ed., 2008, Jossey-Bass/Wiley Publishers). Additionally, he is active in empirical research, having published numerous peer-reviewed studies across a wide range of journals in counseling and psychology.