Supervisory Learning Series: Core Skills for UVM Supervisors


Photo of Commencement FlowersThe Supervisory Learning Series is a program aimed at ongoing development of essential knowledge and skills for first-line supervisors. This six-part program is based on proven supervisory methods that can be applied immediately, and is designed to increase insight, recognize accomplishments and align supervisory skills with departmental business goals.


Who: Each learning cohort will comprise 15 first-line supervisors with a range of experience and longevity at UVM, chosen from among individuals nominated by Deans, Directors and Managers.

When: Session dates are listed in the Application Packet.

Where: The On-Campus Location will be Announced Upon Selection

Format of Classes: Classes will be taught by UVM staff and faculty. All classes are skills-based and will offer immediate take-aways. Some independent online work is required. In addition to the classes, two electives are required—see the list of eligible electives.

Central Themes: The workshops and all program activities are organized around four integrated themes:

  1. Conscientious Leadership: Ethical decision-making; applying Federal and State employment guidelines; implementing UVM policies and practices; leading by example and contributing to diversity.
  2. Commitment to Diversity: Increasing personal multicultural awareness; modeling self-improvement around issues of cultural competency and diversity; developing a comprehensive definition of diversity and how it can be integrated into everyday work; providing learning opportunities for staff and encouraging the individual development of staff.
  3. Self-Awareness: Understanding how personal beliefs impact supervision of others; determining individual strengths; minimizing the impact of our personal beliefs on others; listening, encouraging the exchange of ideas; inspiring a team effort and sharing constructive feedback; working with others toward shared goals and aligning the unit with the strategic direction of the organization.
  4. Development of Supervisory Skills: Developing and practicing tangible skills that will help enhance the supervisory experience.

How to Apply

Those interested in this course should speak with their manager. After receiving his/her approval, download and complete the Application Packet

If you have Questions that aren't answered in the pages below, send us an e-mail.

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