Financial Management Certificate Series


The Financial Management Certificate (FMC) series aims to develop essential knowledge and skills for UVM employees who have responsibility for processing financial transactions. The program provides educational support to help UVM staff manage the daily financial operations of the University in a way that meets the standards set by UVM.

The Financial Management Certificate program was designed by University Financial Services in cooperation with HRS Learning Services and is endorsed by the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Certification Requirements

The total time requirement for the FMC series is approximately 25 hours of classroom time and significant independent work. It is imperative that participants fully understand the time commitment required prior to signing up for the series.


  1. Attend and fully participate in all core courses
  2. Attend two electives of your choice—see eligible electives
  3. Complete all required homework assignments and independent tasks
  4. Successful completion (80%) of the post-test

Participant's Manager:

  1. Guarantee the participant release time for classes and work time to complete the required project
  2. Support the participant with goal setting and the integration of new learning into their ongoing work


Who: This certificate series was developed specifically for employees at UVM with responsibility for processing financial transactions. It is also fitting for persons wishing to move into a position with financial responsibilities. Application is required.

When: Application for the current series has closed.

Where: The on-campus location will be announced upon acceptance into the program.

Format of Classes: Classes use a combination of classroom and online learning and will be taught by UVM staff from appropriate departments. All classes are skills-based and will provide participants with immediate take-aways.

Overall Objectives: The series is organized around several core competencies:

  1. Identify key components in  UVM’s Internal Control Environment
  2. Describe UVM’s Financial Management Strategy
  3. Define basic accounting principles
  4. Explain budgeting procedures at UVM
  5. Generate and interpret Financial Reports
  6. List the components of the Chart of Accounts
  7. Define and describe Treasury Operations at UVM
  8. Choose appropriate forms and procedures for completing Travel and Expense reimbursements
  9. Describe the process of Procurement at UVM

How to Apply

The deadline for submitting an application has passed. Applications for the next series will be available in January 2015.