Financial Management Certificate

Application Materials Academic Year 2014

Application Deadline: March 28, 2014 at noon

Selection and Notification

Applicants will be notified via e-mail by May 1, 2015 regarding the status of their application.

Selection is based on:

 Clarity of stated goals
 Clear connection between the applicant’s current position and the content of the course or demonstration of a clear connection between the course content and the applicant’s immediate career path.
 Departmental representation
 Demonstrated supervisor support

Participation and Attendance Guidelines

Attendance at all sessions is mandatory. The schedule will be provided so that you may plan work-related commitments, professional conferences and vacations in advance to avoid conflict with program dates. In addition to the scheduled core courses, two make-up days will be scheduled. Any classes that must be cancelled for weather or due to presenter illness will be held on these days.

Unexcused Absences

Examples of unexcused absences include vacation plans, conferences, meetings and workload issues. Missing sessions for unexcused absences will result in needing to begin the cohort again in the future. Note that in the event a participant moves into another cohort, all core classes will need to be retaken.

Excused Absences

In the event of illness, loss of a loved one or unexpected workplace or family emergency, the participant will inform Learning Services of her/his absence via telephone (656-5800) or e-mail ( ). After your return to work, we will assist you in making up the course work as appropriate.

Inclement Weather and University Closing

The sessions will occur as scheduled unless the University announces an official closure—in which case the affected session will be held on the scheduled make up day.


The total time requirement for the Financial Management Certificate Series includes approximately 24 hours of classroom time and significant independent work. It is imperative that you fully understand the time commitment required, prior to signing up for the series.

 Attend and fully participate in all required sessions
 Attend two elective sessions
 Complete all required homework assignments

Instructions for Completing Your Application

All documents must be contained in a single e-mail. Incomplete applications or applications sent via more than one e-mail will be discarded. Submit your e-mail to prior to the deadline listed on the front of this application packet. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline.

In a single e-mail, submit the following:

 Signed participant form (p. 3 of this document)
 Typed answers to the questions below
 Signed manager’s form completed by your current supervisor (p. 4 of this document)

Short Answer Questions

Submit your answers to the following questions in a pdf or Microsoft Word document. These answers will be used to determine your eligibility for the certificate series please be specific and throughout. Please limit your answers to a total of no more than three pages.

 How specifically will this program assist you with your current position?
 Describe three specific goals that you would like to achieve as a direct result of your participation in this certificate program.
 How does this program align with your professional or personal goals? How do you envision that it will assist you in reaching those goals?
 What additional information should we know?

Participant’s Form

Contact Information

Your Name Department e-Mail Telephone

Financial Responsibilities

Do you currently have financial responsibilities as a part of your UVM job? Yes No (if no, please skip to the next question.)

Please describe these responsibilities.

If you are not currently in a financial role at the University, are there immediate plans to change your job duties?

Yes No

If you are not in a financial role and there are no immediate plans to change your job duties, please describe how this series will contribute to your overall career goals.

Time Commitment

I understand that attendance at all core sessions and two electives is required.

Yes No

This series requires a combination of class time and independent work. Is your department willing and able to support the necessary time away from the office to complete the requirements?

Yes No

Additional Statements

Please read and initial each statement.

____ I have thoroughly read the information in this document as well as the Financial Management Certificate Series website.

____ I have read the requirements and understand that this series represents a significant time commitment and requires that I complete online assignments.

Please sign and date below to signify that you have read and understand the requirements and that you agree to complete these requirements.

Signature ______________________________________________________________ Date __________

Manager’s Form

It is important to have demonstrated managerial support for each participant in the series. Your commitment and support will help determine the success of your employee and will contribute positively to their professional development.

Read the following and initial to indicate your agreement:

_____ I understand that the commitment to the Financial Management Certificate Series includes the following:

 Attendance at nine core sessions and two electives
 Completion of pre and post session work

_____ I will support my supervisee in the completion of the required class and independent work and will be available for questions and conversation about this work as needed.

____ I will support my supervisee in meeting all requirements and will adjust schedules and allow paid time away to complete these requirements.

By signing this form, I signify that I have read and understand the policies and commitments of the Financial Management Certificate Series. I also acknowledge that I am committed to the professional development of this staff person and will support her/his attendance in this program with paid time away to fully participate.

Signature ______________________________________________________________ Date __________