Providing Professional Work References on Current/Former Employees


The Vermont Reference Law (House Bill 264), effective July 1, 2011, grants civil immunity in specific cases to an employer that furnishes information about a current or former employee’s job performance to a prospective employer that requests it, provided the information is shared in good faith. While the law has specific application to individuals who are likely to have regular or unsupervised contact with a minor or vulnerable adult, The University of Vermont recognizes that the following guidelines represent sound business practice for providing any and all employment references.

It is important to note that the presumption of immunity in favor of the employer may be overcome, and the employer sued, if the employer discloses information which the employer knew or should have known was false, knowingly disclosed misleading information, or disclosed information in violation of the law. Faculty and staff are therefore expected to understand and carefully adhere to the following guidelines.


Job Performance is defined as:

Guidelines for Providing Work References

Keep these principles in mind when providing work references for individuals:

UVM's Talent Acquisition Coordinator is available to discuss the provision of information for employment-related reference checks. Contact the Talent Acquisition Coordinator at 656-3107 or at