Staff Reclassification Review—Department User Guide

An outline of the process for the reclassification of a staff position:

  1. Contact your Dean's office or HRS Representative to obtain a copy of the current position description. You may download the Position Description Form (a Microsoft Word document) if you wish to use it to draft a new position description, however, this is not necessary.)
  2. The reclassification of an existing position is requested through an action in PeopleAdmin. Links to system instructions are located at: Working in PeopleAdmin
  3. Choose the proposed new classification title in the Proposed Title section and complete all information in the new action. Complete the Staff Proposed Salary section in collaboration with your supervisor and your Human Resource Services consultant. (This step can be postponed until after the HRS Committtee has determined the appropriate classification for the position and notified the Dean's office.) 
  4. Route the completed requisition to your Dean's office.
  5. Upon approval from your Dean's office, the requisition will be routed to Human Resource Services for classification review.
  6. Once the classification and salary have been determined, an HRS Consultant will return the action to your department for Salary Review and you will receive an automated e-mail.
  7. Consult the Action Summary and Proposed Salary tabs for information regarding the classification/salary. Complete or update the Staff Proposed Salary tab information, and route to Dean/Director for Salary Review. Contact your Dean's office with any questions.
  8. Upon approval from your Dean's office, the action will be routed to HRS for salary approval. Once approved, you will receive an automated e-mail and, after consultation with your Dean/Director, you may notify the employee of any change in classification/salary.
  9. Complete and submit your Personnel Action Form.