Human Resource Representatives

The Human Resource Representatives are a group of staff members with administrative responsibilities who are appointed by their dean or director to serve as liaisons between Human Resource Services and the staff. Their primary responsibilities include answering questions regarding personnel policies and procedures.

Following is a list of the current representatives by area:

Administrative & Facilities Services Patricia Eldred 109 South Prospect Street 656-2240
Administrative & Facilities Services Linda Schneider 109 South Prospect Street 656-0214
Administrative Business Service Center Kristin Bahn Waterman Building 205 656-1271
Administrative Business Service Center Troy Krahl Waterman Building 205 656-3235
Admissions Vikki Gauvin Waterman Building 205 656-3263
Center for Health & Wellbeing Sue Demasi DU-St. Joseph Pavilion 2224 656-0605
Continuing Education Cathi Cody-Hudson 460 South Prospect 656-4359
Controller's Office Mary Lafayette Waterman Building 221 656-2903
Custodial Services Connie Russell 106 Highpoint Center 656-3385
Dean's Office, Arts & Sciences Linda Burnham 438 College Street 656-0480
Dean's Office, Agricultural & Life Sciences Richard Fanus Morrill Hall 107 656-0288
Dean's Office, Education & Social Services Pamela Blum Waterman Building 309 656-1275
Dean's Office, Engineering & Mathematical Sciences Mary Reilly Votey Building 109 656-2677
Dean's Office, Medicine Susan Bristol Given Building D104A 656-2578
Dean's Office, Medicine Linda Thatcher Health Science Complex E109 656-3112
Dean's Office, Nursing & Health Sciences Shari Bergquist Rowell Hall 105 656-3427
Dean's Office, Rubenstein School Rose Feenan Aiken Center 330 656-3326
Diversity and Equity Unit Diane Gaboriault Waterman Building 428 656-2089
Enterprise Technology ServicesStephanie Dion Waterman Building 205 656-4368
Extension Celia Rainville 19 Roosevelt Highway 656-4003
Financial Analysis and Budgeting Jasmine Manuelyan 440 College Street 656-0412
Fleming Museum Stephanie Glock 61 Colchester Avenue 656-0165
Graduate College Kathleen Merchant Waterman Building 335 656-3017
Honors College Patty Redmond 50 University Heights 656-0427
Human Resource Services Aleta Sweeney Waterman Building 228 656-4490
Instrumentation and Technical Services Gail Burrows 280 East Terrace 656-0072
Living & Learning John Sama Living/Learning Commons 205 656-0533
Medicine Eric Gagnon MFU-Fletcher 322 847-1968
Microbiology & Molecular Genetics Patty Laverty Stafford Hall 201 656-0936
Physical Plant Judy Martelle 284 East Avenue 656-5460
President and Provost's Offices Susan Bittermann Waterman Building 205 656-3260
Registrar's Office Gail Starks Waterman Building 363 656-2045
Residential Life Laura Lesage Robinson Hall 656-7933
School of Business Administration Michelle Chapman Kalkin Building 219 656-0804
Sponsored Programs Brenda Maglaris Waterman Building 340 656-3360
Staff Council Jeff Bukowski Waterman Building 235 656-4493
University Communications Karen Reardon 86 South Williams Street 656-2005
University Libraries Sarah Gordon Bailey/Howe Library 111 656-2020
VP Finance and Administration Cynthia Lee Waterman Building 352 656-0152
VP for Development and Alumni Relations Mark Metivier Grasse Mount 656-8401
VP for Research and Graduate Studies Dan Harvey Waterman Building 330 656-2918
VP for Student and Campus Life Dennis DePaul 41-43 South Prospect Street 656-3380