Total Compensation: The Surprising Value of UVM Benefits

UVM employment provides an impressive array of benefits that make wages and salaries only part of the total compensation picture. Depending on the choices we make, our benefits enhance compensation substantially.

The University offers these benefits and pays the lion’s share to attract and retain a fine faculty and staff. Many individuals chose to work at UVM because specific benefits are extremely important to them. Tuition remission, the retirement savings plan, and the health insurance plan are especially notable.

Depending on the benefit choices each person makes, additional costs are paid for by the University or shared with the individual:

Take a closer look at benefits and the costs associated with them viewing three different illustrations of individuals’ total compensation packages.

Example 1:
Sarah, non-exempt, non-represented employee earning $20,000 per year

Example 2:
Ronald, exempt, non-represented employee earning $35,000 per year

Example 3:
Chris, exempt, non-represented employee earning $50,000 per year

Considering the value of UVM’s benefits, it makes good sense to maximize your own benefits package and increase your total compensation. Feel free to consult the Benefits staff at any time to make sure your own benefits work hard for you.