Writing a Staff Position Description

Position descriptions are written by supervisors who design and evaluate positions. Supervisors may ask employees to document day to day job duties and functions. 

A well-written position description:

Job Summary/Basic Function: Describes the essential purpose and primary duties of the position. It may include information about the unit or department to put the position in context.

Job Duty/Job Function statements identify primary as well as current duties and responsibilities of the position. Job duty statements typically contain two parts: the Task and the Purpose. Examples of the beginning of such statements are shown below:



Compile enrollment data

for distribution to administrators....

Conduct analytical studies

to support financial planning...

Analyze budget and recommend expenditures

to meet current and future business needs...

Monitor system performance

to ensure system integrity and determine necessary corrective action...

Job duties should:

Job duties should not:

Minimum Qualifications: Determined by the supervisor in collaboration with Human Resource Services.

Include (in the following order):

The minimum level of formal education, license/certification, years of relevant work experience and skills and physical requirements required to perform the job functions

Do not include:

UVM's intention in basing classification on minimum (versus ideal) qualifications is to attract the broadest and most diverse pool of applicants during the recruitment process.

Make sure to distinguish between the skills required (education level and number of years of related work experience) for the position and "desirable" skills. When listing "desirable" qualifications, be careful to consider the potential impact on the applicant pool, as qualified individuals may choose not to apply based upon their perception of listed qualifications.