When is it appropriate to request a salary increase?

Salary increases for classified staff are granted at the beginning of each staff member's work year. For employees who work the full calendar year, annual increases take effect July 1. For employees who work a 9-month, 10-month, or 11-month academic year, annual increases take effect at the beginning of that employee's work year.

Non-represented staff are also eligible to receive an off-cycle salary adjustment. Off-cycle increases are intended to address market and equity issues relative to recruitment, retention, and organizational change during the fiscal year.

Off-cycle increases are not meant to address merit or movement between job standards, or to take the place of the regular fiscal year salary increase. (Fiscal year increases include an across-the-board increase if performance has been satisfactory, and also address market, equity, and extraordinary merit.)

Off-Cycle Increase requests are submitted through the UVM PeopleAdmin System. Supervisors wishing to request an Off-Cycle Increase for an employee should consult their Dean's office or HR Representative or proceed using the PeopleAdmin Position Action Matrix.  If the job duties have changed, a revised Position Description must accompany the requisition.

When is it appropriate to request a position review?

It is appropriate to request a position review when permanent and substantial changes have occurred in the body of work. Changes in the nature, variety, and complexity of work may signal a need for a position review. Volume of work assigned and performance of incumbent should not initiate a position review.

Why classify positions?

What is the difference between a position description (PD), a job standard, and a job posting?

A position description is specific to each individual staff position, and contains job-specific details and responsibilities, essential and typical functions, and minimum qualifications.
A job standard is generic and represents many staff positions. It provides a broad job overview, typical functions, and minimum qualifications that apply to all positions within that standard title.
A job posting is a recruitment announcement. It contains a job overview and typical functions taken from the individual position description, minimum qualifications consistent with the job standard, and information about how to apply for the position.