Bonus Payments for Non-Represented Staff

UVM’s bonus program allows non-represented staff to be recognized for exemplary work-related achievements that exceed standard job requirements and that significantly contribute to the advancement of the University mission.

Please refer to the Reward System Framework for information about why UVM established a bonus program, the Program Background for the history of how UVM's bonus program evolved, and to Payment Examples to see examples that illustrate the difference among bonus, off-cycle, and additional payments.

Bonuses associated with this program are:

Bonus payments:

  1. Will be approved on a case-by-case basis by classification & compensation staff in Human Resource Services. 
  2. Will be funded from the target budget and charged full fringe

Bonus Form

To request Bonus Payment for an employee, download the Bonus Form, complete it electronically, print, obtain required signatures, and submit to Human Resource Services, 228 Waterman Building.