Total Compensation Example 3

Chris: exempt, non-represented employee earning $50,000

Chris began working at the University 15 years ago. She is married with two children and working in an exempt position. She elected 2 times her base salary life insurance with half her coverage for her spouse, family medical and high-option dental coverage, 70% long-term disability insurance with retirement protection, has one child attending UVM, and is making a 2% contribution to retirement and receives the University contribution.

Chris's receives $30,474 in benefits paid by UVM, including retirement savings contributions. This is 61% of her $50,000 salary. Her total compensation is $80,474.Chris's total compensation

  Compensation/Benefit $ amount
Base salary $50,000
Health insurance


Retirement $5,000
Social security/Medicare $3,825
Tuition remission $9,088
Dental insurance $1,225
Unemployment/workers' comp $500
Life & disability insurance $349
Total Compensation $80,474