Benefits Information for Faculty Represented by United Academics Part-time Unit

Below are the definitions of the Faculty positions that are represented by the United Academics – Part-time Unit, and those positions that are not represented.

Please refer to Article 18, Compensation, of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the University of Vermont and United Academics (AAUP/AFT) for a detailed overview of the comprehensive benefits options available to you as a UVM employee. In addition, please reference the Lecturer Eligibility Determination Chart and Eligibility for Faculty other than Lecturers for assistance in knowing if you qualify for representation.

Part-time faculty represented by United Academics also qualify for participation in a High Deductible Health Plan. For more information, see the plan and read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Employees Represented by the United AcademicsPart-time Unit:

All part-time Lecturers regardless of credits taught and regardless of length of appointment and including Lecturers in the Division of Continuing Education employed by the University of Vermont. Also included in the unit are all Extension Faculty, Clinical Faculty, Library Faculty, and Research Faculty who hold less than a .75 FTE appointment, and part-time faculty emeriti.

Bargaining Unit Entry – Lecturers: Lecturers enter the part-time faculty bargaining unit at the beginning of their third semester of teaching, provided they have taught a minimum of three credits in each of the other two semesters over the previous two academic years. (Note: Among other things, this makes it clear that a lecturer who teaches three credits in Spring 2005, three credits in the Fall 2005 and three in the Spring 2006, enters the unit in the Spring 2006.)

Bargaining Unit Exit – Lecturers: Lecturers leave the bargaining unit following any complete September to August period in which they have not taught at least three credits. August 31st will be considered the exit date. (e.g. If someone teaches in the Fall of 2005, he or she stays in the unit until August 31, 2007 even if he or she has not taught three credits during that period.

Bargaining Unit Re-entry – Lecturers: A lecturer immediately re-enters the bargaining unit if he or she has an assignment of three credits or more within twelve months of the August 31st exit date. There is no need to re-qualify, as would be the case for initial entry. All seniority is retained in this situation.

Bargaining Unit Status – Non-Lecturers: Any research, clinical, extension and library faculty who are hired on appointments less than 9, 10 or 12 months are included in the unit. For Research, clinical, extension and library faculty on 9, 10 or 12 month appointments, such individuals shall lose their bargaining unit status as soon as they fail to receive an appointment for a given academic year.

Employees Not Represented by the United AcademicsPart-time Unit:

Excluded from the unit are: members of the full-time faculty bargaining unit; faculty who teach solely non-credit courses; visiting faculty in the first or second year of an initial employment with the University; department chairs, Assistant Deans, Associate Deans, and Deans; professional, administrative, technical and clerical employees whose primary assignment or appointment is to a staff person; blue-collar, maintenance, security and other non-professional employees; all full-time employees regardless of position; and all other confidential, supervisory and managerial employees. Also excluded are Graduate Teaching Assistants, Graduate Research Assistants, Graduate Teaching Fellows, Graduate Research Fellows, Post-Doctorate Fellows and Associates enrolled at UVM, and other students enrolled at UVM. However, enrollment in a course or courses at UVM by a bargaining unit member will not operate to exclude such person from the unit unless they assume one of the above-cited titles.