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Get your EOBs online and you could win a FitBit®!

Interested in reducing the amount of paper that comes into your home? You can now get your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) documents on our member resource center. You can also choose to get notifications about EOBs via email or text messages. From those who opt for online delivery, we will select one winner each month through January 2016 to receive a FitBit. To opt into this planet-friendly option:

  • Visit and log in or register.
  • Find the “Go Green” logo on the member landing page and click the link to Communication Preferences
  • Select whether you want online delivery only or if you want email or text notifications.
  • Log into the member resource center at any time to see copies of your EOBs from the last 18 months. You may also call our customer service team at (800) 247-2583 and opt into online EOB delivery.

Please note that each member age 12 or older must opt out of paper delivery separately. For privacy protection, members age 12 or older see only their services on their paper or online EOBs. The subscriber (the member whose name is on the membership) sees his or her services and those of members under age 12.


Electronic EOB FAQs


Q1. If a member elects to receive their EOBs electronically, will their dependents also be enrolled?

  1. No. Each member over the age of 12 will need to individually select their preferred method to receive EOBs. If the dependent is under age 12, the policyholder can enroll their dependent for electronic EOBs on the MRC by changing their current family member under the “current family member” tab and editing their communication preferences.


Q2. Can a member access their EOBs electronically once their policy is terminated?

  1. Yes. If the member had a MRC account prior to their termination date, they may access their EOBs electronically on the MRC for up to 6 months after their termination date. While the member will have access to this documentation via the MRC, they will automatically be re-enrolled to receive paper EOBs once the plan is terminated. Please note, members who have not created a MRC logon prior to their termination date will not have access to the MRC.


Q3. Is there an option to not receive notifications and still opt out of paper EOBs?

  1. Yes. Members may choose to opt out of paper EOBs and all electronic notifications. The member can select “online only” then unselect email and text. These member will not receive paper EOBs and will not receive any online/text notification, but can still view their EOBs online.


Q4. Will there be an electronic notification for subscriber payable checks?

  1. No. The system will generate a paper EOB with the check to the subscriber. If the EOB is for the dependent, there will be a notification to the dependent and the EOB will be available electronically, however there will be no notification to the subscriber.


Q5. Can a member change back to paper EOBs via the MRC?

  1. Yes. Members can change back to paper EOBs via the MRC by selecting USPS under the Communication Preferences tab.


 Q6. Can a member opt in for both electronic notifications, while still receiving paper EOBs?

  1. Yes. When selecting how the member would like to receive their electronic notification they can leave the USPS field selected and receive both electronic and paper EOBs.


Q7. When a member opts out of paper EOBs on the MRC, will we know when they did this?

  1. Yes. We will be able to see that the member has opted out on the member message IIM tab. The IIM tab will show the date this was entered into our system.