Staff Exit Interview Survey Process

Staff Exit Interview Purpose

The exit interview process is intended to provide employees who are voluntarily leaving the University with the opportunity to provide feedback on culture, job satisfaction, benefits & pay offerings. The purpose of the exit interview is to gain insight into where there is opportunity to promote employee job satisfaction. The University of Vermont encourages exiting employees to be as honest as possible. Information collected during exit interviews will allow the University of Vermont a unique perspective on organizational performance and employee satisfaction.

Staff Exit Interview Survey

The exit interview survey has been established in the Lime Survey tool. Human Resource Operations will send an individualized survey link via email to staff employees who have retired or voluntarily resigned from the University. Emails will be sent semi-monthly.

Updating Email in PeopleSoft

To ensure receipt of the exit interview survey email, employees are encouraged to update their home email address in PeopleSoft Self-Service to include an alternative email. Instructions for updating your home email address in PeopleSoft can be found here. Those who prefer an in-person interview with a member of Human Resource Operations will be invited to do so at the beginning and end of the exit interview survey.

Staff Exit Interview FAQs

Staff Exit Interview Survey Questions

Note: The staff exit interview survey has been established in Lime Survey tool. The link above includes a listing of material within the survey.

Professional Development & Training Sessions
In support of the new process, we have created a professional development workshop entitled “The Art of Exit Interviews.” The workshop will be a regular part of Professional Development and Training offerings. You can view and register for sessions through PeopleSoft (course number HRS017).

Exit Interview Privacy Statement
We value your input. The information provided will not affect future references. Information collected during exit interviews is private. This information will only be shared in aggregate and personally identifying information will be removed before it is shared. However, if unethical or criminal behavior, incidents of discrimination or harassment, regulatory non-compliance or other legal issues are divulged, the survey administrator is obligated to take action by notifying Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Office, Police Services, Audit Services, or other appropriate University office. The information provided in these circumstances may include personally identifiable information. You may also submit concerns either with self-identification or anonymously, to the Ethics and Compliance Reporting and Helpline.

Contact Human Resource Services at or 802-656-3150 with questions or for more information.