UVM Laughter Club Schedule: Spring 2009

With Andrea Grayson, EdD, MA, a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (and UVM staff person in Continuing Education).

Wednesdays, 12:15-12:45pm
Drop-in sessions open to all (no pre-registration required)

May 6 Grace Coolidge Waterman 501
May 13 Grace Coolidge Waterman 501
May 20 Ira Allen 117
May 27 Grace Coolidge Waterman 501

What is a Laughter Club?

Laughter Clubs are free social events where people get together regularly to practice laughter for health…and have fun doing it!

Laughter Yoga is a simple approach to gaining health and happiness through laughter and breathing exercises. It is physically-oriented, and does not rely on having a sense of humor, being happy, or even having a reason in order to laugh. Laughter is a tremendously efficient way to release tension, express joy, and is proven to relieve stress, improve blood flow and digestion, and strengthen the immune system, and get a great abdominal work out! Science tells us that the body cannot tell the difference between “real” laughter and “fake” laughter, so we do exercises that simulate laughter until the free-flowing laughter kicks-in.

For more information about Laughter Yoga, visit www.LaughterYoga.org or thelaughterproject.com.