Health Matters logoThe Health Assessment Team Challenge

The Health Assessment Team Challenge is a fun way to build camaraderie and encourage participation in the Health Assessment. The Team Challenge will run through May 27th!

Basically, team leaders form teams of ten individuals who each take the Health Assessment. (There is no reporting or sharing of information—simply a verbal statement that you have completed the Assessment.) When all ten members of a team have completed the Assessment, that team joins the running to win one of two $1,500 cash prizes.

Team Leaders:  Each department may have one or more Team Leaders. Team leaders may be the WorkLife Ambassador or any other member of the department who is eligible to participate in the Assessment.

Teams: Each Team Leader should form teams of exactly ten members. Team Leaders may form as many teams as they choose. (Teams will typically be made up of individuals from within one department, but teams are open—and in some cases it will be necessary to join with members of another department. Please note that each individual may only join one team.)

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How Can I Join a Team?

To join a team, find the team leader in your department and sign up.  If your department does not have a team leader, you can volunteer to become a team leader or you can join a team from another department. (Here's a list of teams with openings.)

How Can I Become a Team Leader?

Any individual who is eligible to participate in the Assessment may be a team leader. Departments may have multiple team leaders--and team leaders may sponsor multiple teams.

Team leaders are eligible to win the $500 team leader drawing. The more teams you sponsor, the greater your chances of winning!

If your department needs a team leader and you wish to volunteer, sign up here. Once we confirm that you are a team leader, please download the Team Leader Packet.

Team Size

Role of the Team Leader

What are the Incentive Prizes?




Two $1,500 drawings

Two Teams

Any team with all ten team members completing the entire Health Assessment ($150 per team member).

One $500 drawing

One Team Leader

Any Team Leader whose entire ten-person team completes the Health Assessment. (A Team Leader's name is entered once for each team sponsored.)

Cash Prizes are Taxable

Prizes and awards presented to University employees are generally reportable as additional compensation subject to federal, state and FICA/Medicare withholding, in the absence of an applicable exception. To view the complete University policy see:

Incentive prizes are being provided through a grant from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont.

Sign up a team now! Team leaders sign up here.

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