Two Short Stories to Lengthen Your Life

We will explore the importance of omega-3s and trans-fatty acids in preventing disease and lengthening your life. Why are they so important? How can you incorporate these into your diet?

Thursday, April 23
12:00 - 1:00pm
427A Waterman

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Presenter: Lyndon B Carew, Jr., Ph.D, Professor of Nutrition & Food Sciences, Animal Sciences, UVM

One might call Dr. Carew a Renaissance man: His research focuses run the gamut from developing high-tech multi-media curriculums for UVM's introductory nutrition classes to exploring new processing methods to expand the use of velvet beans (legumes widely used in Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Latin America, Sri Lanka) in animal and human diets.

Currently, Dr. Carew is building a sophisticated dietary analysis program. Dr. Carew does research on the nutritional value and toxicology of new foods and feeds. He is concluding many years of studies of the effects of proteins, amino acids and fats on the endocrine system particularly thyroid hormones, growth hormone, and insulin-like growth factors.