Personnel Actions Reference Guide

This is intended to be a comprehensive guide to the different types of Personnel Actions and the forms and supporting documents that are required for each.

Set Up a New Assignment

Compensated or Non-Compensated: includes faculty, staff, new hires, re-hire, job transfers, additional jobs, non-salaried adjuncts, affiliated organizational employees, post-doctorals, graduate students and any other non-temporary employees.

* Please Note: You must still go through a recruitment process. This list only serves as a reference for forms which must be submitted.

Plus the following for non-faculty positions:

Plus the following for faculty positions:

Change to Status or PeopleSoft Corrections

(Change to FTE, Rate, Terms and Title)

Job Transfer

Terminate Current Position:

Start New Position:

If Applicable:

Leaves and Sabbaticals

Beginning of Leave:

Return from Leave:

End Assignment / Separation / Retirement

Distribution Changes

Graduate Students