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Information You Will Need for Orientation

In order to complete the required payroll and insurance forms, you will need to bring the following information with you to Orientation:


  • Social Security number (if you are a foreign national, please contact Faculty and Staff Immigration Services)
  • The name and address of your local primary care physician
  • Valid proof of employment eligibility (see valid forms of identification on the last page of the I-9)
  • UVM work address
  • UVM supervisor's name
  • Salary information
  • Names and addresses of beneficiaries for your Group Life Insurance and Retirement

If Applicable

  • Spouse/civil union partner's Social Security number and date of birth
  • Dependent(s) Social Security number(s) and date(s) of birth
  • Proof of other medical insurance if you intend to waive coverage
  • If you are eligible to transfer your current retirement plan to a UVM plan, bring a copy of your most recent account statement
  • A statement from your current group long-term disability insurance coverage

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