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ePAR Mini Manuals

ePAR Mini Manuals

The electronic personnel action request (ePAR) is the electronic form used to process hiring, pay, termination, and other personnel transactions for faculty, staff, and graduate students.

A department initiator creates the ePAR after choosing the type of action and a corresponding reason. ePARs are routed based on employee class. One the ePAR is submitted by the initiator it follows a prescribed approval workflow path based on the type of employee. The progress of the ePAR can be viewed by the applicable users while it is in the workflow and after it has been completed and loaded into PeopleSoft.

Click on the below headings to access its mini-manual that has a Table of Contents with instructions for each action.

If you have questions about information in the mini-manuals, please contact your Dean's Office for unit-specific guidance. If you experience technical difficulties, please submit a footprint.

ePAR Tips and Best Practices

Action/Reason Definitions

Termination Action/Reason Guidelines

Employee Class Definitions

Processing Graduate Student Paperwork 

Pay Rate Change


Job Change


POI (Person of Interest)



Additional Pay

Group Changes



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