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Hiring Temp Employees

Hiring Temporary Employees

Temporary positions are generally held from a few hours to less than one year. There are no employee benefits associated with temporary service, and there is no guarantee of employment at the end of the temporary service.

Before You Get Started

Before starting to look for a temporary employee, it is important that you be prepared to describe:

  • the position to be filled
  • the skills necessary to perform the job
  • the actual duties to be performed
  • the software requirements, if applicable
  • the period of time anticipated for temporary placement

To Find Help Easily

Use Your Own Network and Contacts

Fill the position yourself. If you know a qualified person to handle the job, hiring a temporary employee is a relatively informal process.

Use a Temporary Services Agency

Take advantage of the University service contract with our three vendors, Spherion, Westaff and Adecco. Always identify yourself as representing a UVM department in order to take full advantage of our agreements. Please note the “Before You Get Started” section above so you are prepared to discuss what the needs of the position are.

It is appropriate to discuss the job requirements with temporary staff when they arrive, and to monitor their progress as they are working. If at any point in the process you believe that an individual is not a good match for the job, call the vendor and request another employee.

Financial Arrangements: Invoices are generated weekly. The temporary vendor will bill the hiring department directly or provide online access to approval and invoicing information. For short-term needs, pay for these services with your Purchasing Card. For longer term temporary needs (five or more billing cycles during a fiscal year) submit a requisition in PeopleSoft for a Blanket Purchase Order. Invoices tied to a purchase order will be routed to Purchasing Services for payment.

Place a Newspaper Ad

Advertise the position. Graystone Advertising can assist you with advertising in the Burlington Free Press or any other publication. They can be reached at 800-544-0005. Identify yourself as a University department. Payment should be made with your Purchasing Card.

Contact the Vermont Department of Labor at 863-7676 to place a job order.

Payroll Procedures

The Temporary Staff Payroll form must be completed by the supervisor for all UVM temporary employees who are not already on file. The temporary employee must complete the Form W-4 and Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification). Section 2 of Form I-9 must also be completed and signed by the supervisor. All forms are available online or in the Human Resource Services Office, and should be returned to Human Resource Services, 228 Waterman, once completed.

Please contact the Employee Information Center at 656-3150 with any questions or concerns about hiring temporary employees at UVM. We are happy to help you find the right person to fill your temporary needs.

Last modified February 23 2017 01:35 PM